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Through my art and social change projects I explore what it means to me- to be a visionary artist.

I believe it is the responsibility of the artist to use what they see and sense in the world as a beacon of inspiration and leadership; pioneering for the greater good, waves of social change, positive transformation, education and reflection; to transform the world from the inside out; from the heart- outward.

I make my projects and art-making public as a means to engage, inspire share, and to manifest solutions and foster connectivity.



 Artists have an important role in society.

   We hold a space...

    for communication, reflection.

    A space...

    to decode the complex rhetoric

    of the everyday.

    Artists are the eyes...

    of the blind

    who do not know they cannot see.

    We are the hearts...

    of the blocked

    who do not know they are confined.

    We are the ears...

    of the deaf

    who do not know how to listen.

    We are the senses...

    of society.

    And the mouthpiece

    for a message.

    We are modern day shamans.

       We are artists.

   ~Annelies Gentile 2005

 Certified Coach  .  Consultant  .  Facilitator  .  Visionary Artist  .  Intuitive Healer