Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC: Certified Coach  .  Consultant  .  Facilitator  .  Visionary Artist  .  Intuitive Healer  

I believe in the power of creativity and Nature to capture hearts, minds and imaginations, changing and shaping the world we live in. I serve by facilitating transformative experiences that empower people lead stellar change by finding inspiration and connectivity to all of life's systems.

Since 1992, I've worked in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors, ranging from director, producer, educator, manager, designer, photographer, sculptor, painter, board member, even hair and makeup artist to the stars 'on Broadway' and for TV and film for 17 years.

I worked with an extraordinary breadth of diversity and culture from famous people who performed or presented for entertainment, education and political platforms to working with and serving youth in public schools, underserved populations and homeless, spanning across the globe from the US to the Middle East. As I traveled extensively for my work and for personal study, I began noting tremendous patterns in people, nature, in communities and systems. Here's what I learned...

    - All people, no matter their culture, religion, experience, strata nor income desire much of the same worldwide. People yearn for good health, a sense of peace, safety and purpose for themselves and families; the true formula for authentic wealth and happiness.

   - No matter how wealthy or famous, connected or not, resourced or lacking; human beings dance with constant suffering.

   - No system is perfect. And beauty lies in these imperfections.

   - Community and collaboration feeds happiness; a sense of belonging-- not more stuff nor more to-dos.

   - Getting quiet, still and reflective garners room to heal, think, process, problem solve and celebrate gratitude for life's gifts, large and small.

   - Pollution and toxicity shows up in environments, systems and in people.

   - Solutions to problems are often front and center, and are invisible because of fear and proximity.

   - Leadership that's sustainable is organic and free to change with what's needed in the moment.

   - Creativity, resourcefulness and wholeness lies innately, in all people and in Nature.

   - Bowing to pain, difficulty and challenge reveals a useful and important gift that permits and seeds healing, change and growth to occur. 

   - Everything is connected; to itself, to others, to the environment, to the planet and beyond. We're ONE.

   - Change starts within.

I've explored 22 countries, 5 continents, 4 islands, seen all of the US (several times over) and have been immersed in extraordinary experiences that have touched my heart and formed the way I view the world. These lessons drive my conclusion that humanity cannot separate itself from Nature, nor from its own innate nature. Thus, my entire coaching, consulting, facilitation, artistic and healing practices stem from a place of inclusion and integration.

I was once told that I'm an instigator. At first I was surprised, then I realized how powerful that statement was. I instigate and agitate change. Innovation and transformation doesn't take place in a vacuum. It takes place in a messy chaotic jumble of resources disguised as a problem. Albert Einstein once said, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." 

Today, I walk a path with my clients. They're executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations who strive to be a part of the incredible story of 'what's next' for themselves and for our communities. 

I love what I do and it gives me great pleasure to explore humanity's unfolding story through coaching, consulting, facilitation, and my art and healing practices. 

 Certified Coach  .  Consultant  .  Facilitator  .  Visionary Artist  .  Intuitive Healer